Perrie Voss has had a successful career in both theatre and film across Canada. Training at a well respected Conservatory Theatre Program in Toronto, she excelled in Dialect work, text, and movement. She graduated with honours. 

Beginning work in theatre directly out of school, theatre projects have stretched from Toronto, across Ontario, and to New Brunswick. She has worked repeatedly with well loved and reputed companies such as Lighthouse Festival Theatre (Melville Boys, 39 Steps, Ghost Island Light, Jonas and Barry in the Home), Theatre Orangeville (Melville Boys, Team on the Hill, Baco Noir and more). Having formed a wonderful working relationship and friendship with Norm Foster she has had the privilege in being in several of his World Premieres. She has also worked for the award winning Storefront Theatre on Skriker, in the lead role, to sold-out performances. As well as The Toronto Fringe Festival, and The Grand Theatre in London. 

Selected TV and Film credits include HANDMAID’S TALE (Mike Barker, Hulu), WORKIN MOMS (Aleysa Young, CBC), TAKEN (Michael Offer, NBC), and APE SODOM (Maxwell McCabe-Lokos, Chara Pictures), which also garnered recognition at TIFF, and won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Anarchy Short at the Slamdance Festival 2016. Perrie also had the hero role in a recent nation-wide ad campaign for Aeroplan, which filmed both in Jamaica and Toronto.

She was born in the Beaches of Toronto and is of Dutch, Irish, Scottish descent. Growing up horseback riding, skiing and competitive track and field, she loves being outside and getting her hands dirty. She comes from a family of artists and spent a lot of her free time painting, creating films with the family video camera, and acting.

Perrie is also an accomplished artist, working in oil and acrylic mediums. She has translated her understanding of visuals and storytelling into Digital Video Editing. She is currently working freelance for production of TV/Fiilm trailers, television segments, and demo reels. Contact her for more information.


Perrie has created, and written a new television series called AVOCADO TOAST with her creative partner. The two women have started a production company called “PH Balance Productions” and are in the midst of developing AVOCADO TOAST for production. In October of 2017 they wrote and shot a proof-of-concept trailer, which she performed, edited, and co-directed, which will be live for public viewing in March 2018. 

Perrie has also begun research a short film based on her family who immigrated from Holland to rural Alberta at the turn of the century, it will be developed from the perspective of First Nations (Blackfoot and Cree) who inhabited the land upon the arrival of the Europeans, following the Treaty signing of 1876. 





2016 Cayle Chernin Award (Top 3 Media Finalist)


“Happiness laser canon, specific, natural powerhouse on stage”

Danny Pagett (Director of The Skriker)

Perrie (Voss) is well cast as the innocent who tries to find her way in this weird world.

…In what is probably the most comic scene in the play[…]insists that Lily explain to her how a television works.
The humour that Voss captures so well is that Lily, like any ordinary person, doesn’t really know how it works.

[… In a parallel scene …], Lily becomes attracted to a young man, who asks Lily to explain what sleep is…] Voss comically shows how difficult it is to describe such a common phenomenon…

Stage Door - Christopher Hoile

Perrie Voss as Jane and Morgan Jones as Mr. Bingley are both enchanting as the happy young couple.

Theatre in London - Mary Alderson

…as Lily, Perrie Voss is the most hopeful presence on stage. You can see the intoxicating excitement of human potential in her. She’s not afraid of the life growing inside her, but she is afraid for it.

Mooney on Theatre - Istvan Dugalin

“Voss […] perfectly cast as Rosie, particularly during the aforementioned difficult scenes, in which she adeptly relays the emotional wounds inflicted by the men in her life”

The Wellington Advertiser - Chris Daponte

“TINY DYNAMITE is an explosively good show…

Voss has the most difficult role as the open-hearted Madeleine, drawn to both men but realizing that being with them makes her both happy and lonely.
You never doubt the sexual tension in her relationship with the men, a tension that hums like the sizzling power lines that are part of the set.

Strong performances, direction and design contribute to Theatre Smash’s outstanding debut production… Director Ashlie Corcoran’s finely nuanced production delves deep."

NOW Magazine - Jon Kaplan

“[…]a strong cast manage to salvage moments of fine theatre from it all — when they are more concerned with the play’s interior landscape than its exterior. Together, they forge a sense of a burgeoning friendship that afford this production precious grace.” – Tiny Dynamite

Toronto Sun - John Coulbourn